Monday, November 24, 2014

Almost two months!

Hey everyone,

I have a really weird experience to share with you all. So it has rained 4 of the 7 days here last week. On one of the rainy days my companion and I  stopped under a shade thing in front of a store. Then this man walks up to us. My companion starts talking to him and gives him a card, and does all the normal contacting stuff. Then the man shakes our hand... this is where it gets weird. He shook our hand normally, and then slid his hand, down ours, to our fingers and gave our fingers a second handshake and then took his time removing his hand from ours. At this point I realized his mannerisms. He told us his name, and asked us to teach him lessons but it turns out he doesn't live in our area, so I don't think he is interested anymore. We proceeded to say bye to him and he molested our hands one more time and then we walked off in different directions. It was a creepy experience but we were nice to him. 

We have 15 investigators and they all basically live up hills. It's not fun but we don't complain when we do it. Yesterday we were supposed to have two of our investigators, Juan and Bernardett, come to church with us. We have 8 o'clock church and we were all going to meet at 7:30 and take a taxi to the church. They also live up a giant hill. So, yesterday morning we walked up the hill and no one answered. They just didn't answer the door.  We waited until about 7:45 for them to answer the door but they weren't coming. We then had to leave and go to church. It was disappointing but I try not to get depressed when things don't work out because that doesn't help any. However, when we got to church, one of our other investigators showed up!! So in the end, the Lord gave us a mood booster. 

Our ward has about 50 members and enough seats for about 350. haha. This was my first real Sunday in my ward and I was just trying to understand everything that was said. I am glad that there are only about 50 members in the ward because I had to get up and introduce myself and bear my testimony in Spanish. If the chapel had been full and there really was 350 members, I probably would of been more nervous. Everyone told me I did good but I know I made mistakes... but I don't care because I'm just a 'güero'. 

I need to tell you about my companion!! His name is Elder Amador, and he is from Mexico. He was a professional soccer player before his mission. He is 22 and did 2 years of college before his mission. He is studying some type of engineering, I don't really know because it's hard to understand each other correctly. 

The time is passing  faster and faster, I have been out for almost 2 months, which isn't a lot but it's more than it feels like. I love you all and I thank all of you for your support and influence in my life!!

Elder Berry

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