Monday, February 23, 2015

Prepared investigator

Buenas Tardes a todos,

So this week was pretty sweet. Tuesday of this week we put a baptismal date with an investigator in the first lesson. He has been really prepared to hear the gospel and is really open to the gospel. His name is Carlos Maldonado and he's about 23 and a photographer (for this reason I have decided he's my new Mexican best friend). He has been surrounded by LDS church members the last three years. All his friends are LDS, he takes photos for tons of temple marriages, and he takes pictures for other church functions. He told us that at one of his photo shoots (at a temple wedding) someone asked him why he hasn't been baptized yet. And he told them that he hasn't been baptized because no one has invited him to do so. That's basically how we came into contact with him. BUT, because he is a photographer his schedule is super packed on the weekends. We had to put down his baptismal service for the first week of April. We seriously hope that he continues to take the lessons and continues to be faithful in commitments. 

My companion and I are doing super awesome. Today he taught me how to do the Usher moon walk (luckily all houses here have nothing but tile floors). I'll be sure to send out a video when I have it down super good. We are starting to really get missionary work going in this area and the time is flying by. My companion and I only have about 8 more weeks together and then it's most likely that I'll be leaving to another area. 

As far as news on me and how I'm doing; I'm doing awesome! I have never felt more eager to teach and my Spanish is improving little by little everyday. I'm starting to like Mexican music (but only the Reggaeton). I understand just about everything and I have more confidence in my Spanish abilities... expect in phone calls. 

Thanks for all your support and love! Have a great week!

Elder Berry