Monday, November 17, 2014

Finding my way


This has been a very hard week. I have been very homesick and depressed because I couldn't talk to anyone or understand them. I am doing better though. I am happy now and can understand about 50% of the conversations and try my hardest to talk to people. They are so loving here. La Familia de Rubio is an amazing family! They feed us a lot and we are over there about every other day. From what I gathered in Spanish, Hermano Rubbio is one of the Bishop's Counselors. 

They have a  lot of technology in the part of the city I am in. However, the houses and everything else here are pretty run down. They don't seem to care so much about what their homes look like but they put a lot into the way they dress. They are very loving people and care a lot about people, I feel very welcomed even though I can't talk to anyone very well. 

I really like this area, It has tons of hills and reminds me of all the movies I've seen that take place in Brazil. We have to hike gigantic hills that I hope I can sneak pictures of here in the future. I try not to look like a tourist so that I don't get beaten up and robbed. The houses are pretty humble mostly all concrete and they only have tile here, I have not seen carpet in any home that I've been in. Only the Stake center had carpet. The area I'm in is supposed to be the richer area...

We've taught quite a few lessons this week and spent a lot of time trying to contact people who were not home. Some of the weird experiences I've had this week: A drunk (buracho) guy called us over to talk to him and my companion didn't understand a word he said and he kept telling us to look up scriptures for him, we finally just said we had to go and then walked off. Next experience: We were teaching one of our investigators, Elizabeth, and she started breastfeeding her kid (not baby). She just whipped out her left breast and the kid started going to town. When I thought he was done she adjusted her shirt whipped it back out so her son could have seconds. It was one of those times when you just keep trying to find a way to make eye contact and act like everything is normal.  One last experience: We have an investigator with a son named Juan. Juan is getting into trouble and being a devil for his mom. I noticed that when we were teaching him, he was on YouTube the whole time. So I gave him two songs to listen to: David Archuleta-Glorious,and Pentatonix-Little Drummer Boy. Oh and I told him to watch the Mormon Messages. I was trying not to laugh when we left because, I thought it was super funny that I had given him some spiritual songs that were better than his Techno songs, and they were inviting to the spirit, and he has no idea what the songs are saying because they're in English. 

When we are teaching lessons I try to follow what is being taught so that I can bear my testimony on it when my companion looks over at me. That's about all I can do right now in Spanish. However, I do feel the spirit when I bear my testimony and I think it is because when I am finally able to contribute, my companion and I are working as a team and the Spirit testifies stronger than when it's just my companion alone. I am working hard on my Spanish and hope to able to contribute a lot more to the lessons very soon.

Being here has made me so thankful for everything that I have been given. The people here are so loving and I love them just as much. I thank all of you that have been praying for me and my safety.  I've had some odd experiences but have been safe none the less. I invite all of you to write down the things that God has blessed you with in your life and give Him thanks. I love you all!! 

 Elder Berry
 From our front porch

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