Monday, December 1, 2014

Esta Semana

Hola Hermanos,

Pues, yo he comido tacos de tripa y tacos de ojo. Fue muy rico!! For those of you who don't know what tripa or ojo is in Spanish, it is eyeball and intestine. They were some of the best tacos of my life!! There was a bit of a texture issue during the first bite or two, but after that it was an enjoyable experience. Oh and I got them from a street vendor so I hope I don't have a virus or parasite now... 

This week not much really happened. We had 3 baptisms yesterday but they weren't ours haha We basically spent all day at the church because we got to the chapel at 4:30 and didn't head home until 7:30. And we had church earlier at 8 until 11. There was one 8 year old who was baptized and 2 men who had been previously excommunicated. It was an awesome experience. I know that those two men must feel beyond description. The services were pretty rowdy because of the kids (and because their parents do nothing about them running around or yelling) but the Spirit was definitely there and touched a lot of hearts. 

Since I mentioned the Spirit, I want to take the time to explain what the Spirit is and how you know you are feeling it, because this is something we have to constantly explain to investigators. The Spirit (also known as the Holy Ghost for those of you that don't know) is the third member of the God Head. He is a personage of Spirit, and his sole purpose is to testify. He testifies of  Jesus Christ and God, he testifies of their love for you and every one of God's children, he is there to lead us and guide us in decisions between good and bad, and comfort us in times of need. The feelings and promptings of the Holy Ghost can sometimes be loud or manifested in a big way but usually the Holy Ghost will  prompt, guide , testify  and consoles us through small promtings in our hearts and minds. Some of the feelings of the Holy Ghost are peace, love, joy, happiness, and undescribable feelings of love and warmth. 

I hope that this helps anyone who may not of known or who has been searching for the feelings of the Holy Ghost but didn't know how to recognize them. I love you all and this is all I have to report this week!! I love you all!! 


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