Monday, January 12, 2015

Recap of the last few weeks


I am sorry I haven't written a real letter in two weeks but my time limits and number of emails makes it a little difficult at times. But I am going to recap the last two weeks and this week. Well last week was another little Holiday called The Day of the Kings. On this day everyone buys a special dessert bread called Rosca. In the dessert bread there are little plastic angels randomly placed. If your slice of the bread has an angel, you get to eat tamales on the 2nd of February. We were out with investigators and they shared with us and guess who got an angel on the first try/slice?! ME!!! So I get to eat tamales at their house on the 2nd and I am pretty pumped about that.
 This week we have found 8 new investigators! 5 or so are kids and we are hoping the parents will want to be taught as well.  Oh and I finally had my first encounter with someone who believes in the Santa Muerte... which is the Holy Dead. It's basically a religion that worships satan. This investigators name is Jose M. Our first visit with him he was rolling his joint in front of us and then went out to smoke it. At least he had a little courtesy haha.  Our goal this week is to talk to him about the Santa Muerte and at least help him realize there is a God. 

Now time for the sad news. Jose Luis and his wife have unofficially adopted a 17 year old boy named Jorge off the streets. Jorge, can not read or write and has been teased badly. I also think he might have a  mental disorder. He left his home because his parents are abusive. He has deep scar tissue marks on each arm. I am not sure if his parents cut him with a knife or what but it's a pretty messed up situation. The worst news of all... Jorge went back to his house this week when we returned to teach him how to write. I am praying he will return to the house of Jose Luis so we can help him with the Gospel and other church resources. 

That's my recap  of what has been going on in the last few weeks! Below I have attached a picture of my American flag that I have hung up in the house. Sometimes I find myself singing the national anthem and placing my hand over my heart as I look at the flag. Every other Monday I have started ironing out the wrinkles that develop through out the week. I live in Mexico but I definitely love and appreciate America!! 

Elder Berry

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