Monday, December 8, 2014


Nothing really happened this week so my email is going to be pretty short. Saturday was 'La Cena Navideño', which roughly translates to something like Christmas Dinner. It's hard to translate because there isn't really an equivalent in English for the word 'navideño'. We had 3 investigators come to the little party and then another member brought a nonmember friend. We all had a good time. There was soccer (which I will talk about later), piñatas, food, and dancing (which we couldn't do). 

We definitely saw miracles this week from our obedience. On Sunday, we had two less active families show up and two of the investigators came too. The investigators have not followed through repeatedly on coming to church, so we were really surprised and happy they wanted to come. The other miracle is the less active families. One family hasn't come to church in about a year and the other hasn't come in a few months. We visit them a lot and have grown pretty close to them, so I was very happy to see them at church. I also bore my testimony in sacrament meeting, but I did it in English. First I told the congregation that I wanted to bear testimony in English and that the Holy Ghost speaks all languages. I cried a little bit but that doesn't make me a baby. The Spirit was really strong. 

Now time for fútbol!!! So they put me in as goalie for the game. I was happy to have my companion on my team because he played professionally for Cruz Azul before his mission. I'm pretty sure they put me in as goalie because they thought I would suck at soccer- after all I'm güero. I actually did really good as goalie. I stopped a lot of the balls and I almost got my head taken off like twice by the ball. We won the match 12-6. In the end, I think they had a little more faith in my white skin when it comes to fútbol. 

Thank you all for writing me! I love you!

Con amor,
Elder Berry

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