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This week I have had an amazing experience with our TRC Investigator, Marco. Most of our investigators here are members but we do have some nonmembers. Every one of them is paid to play a role of their choice. Such as playing the role of themselves before they were converted or whatever they choose. 

I don't know how old Marco is but I love to just see him and be around him. He has Polio and walks around on crutches but he is always smiling. When ever I come up to Marco, I can just feel his Spirit. I can literally feel Marco. I feel all the love he has in his heart and all the happiness that radiates from his body. He told me he writes poetry about life challenges but they're not about his life's challenges. He writes about challenges in general so that his readers can relate. Next week we are hoping he brings in some of his poetry! His investigator story is that he is from Peru (which is very likely) and his sister gave him a Book of Mormon (Libro de Mormon) and invited missionaries over to hear more. We have only taught him about 2 lessons before our lesson yesterday... which has been the best lesson yet. 

Our lesson yesterday was about how to recognize the promptings and feelings of the Holy Ghost. This was our lesson because the day before he had a question about how he will know the feeling of the Spirit. We started by sharing a few scriptures: 3 Nephi 11:3, and D&C 8:2. I used only a part of 3 Nephi so that I could explain how the Spirit talks to us. After I shared the scriptures and we explained them so he could understand, we shared some our first and most impressionable experiences feeling the Spirit and recognizing it as the Spirit. 

I started by telling him of how I felt the Spirit comfort me and testify of our Heavenly Fathers love, at my friend Kirklyn's memorial service. Then I told him about how I felt it while singing a hymn in sacrament meeting with all the priests and laurels in our ward. As I explained my feelings and thoughts of these events, and after my companion shared his experiences, we could feel the super strong presence of the Holy Ghost. I then asked Marco how he felt. He said he felt calm, peaceful, happy, and that he didn't want it to end. I then told him that he is feeling the Holy Ghost. And as I started to say "I also hope you can feel the love of your Heavenly Father", the spirit grew even stronger and I started to cry tears of happiness and joy because I could feel Heavenly Father's love. I also had the impression that the words coming out of my mouth were intended for me as well. 

After our lesson we took pictures with Marco and he got our email addresses because he didn't know if he'd see us again, he stops working here at the end of this month. He faithfully writes to about 70 missionaries a week right now!! This man is definitely going to Heaven!! We left by giving him hugs and I told him I love him because I truly do. 

But today I was so excited because we saw him as soon as we walked into the temple!!  

This experience made my week amazing and I hope my lessons in the future will be like this amazing Spiritual experience. 

Elder Berry

Marco. Please excuse my smile, I don't think I realized the picture was being taken. 


Idk what this is but me and Elder Jardon drew it and we love it.

Elder Aguirre, Elder Jardon, Me, and Elder Macinnes. 
Elder Jardon is a total hipster from Canada, it's super funny. And my companion (Macinnes) is also from Canada.


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