Sunday, October 5, 2014

Elder Berry's First Letter


I don't have my address book with me today so I can't email everyone, so if you could share this on Facebook or something, that'd be awesome! I am on main campus today and I live on West Campus, building 29. I walk past the area Tino lives by everyday haha. We move to main campus in a few weeks though. I love the MTC, I am having a great time! My district is amazing, we all love each other so much and it's ridiculous how well we get along because it is only day 4. We are in our classroom for 12 hours a day. 3 hours of teaching from Hermana Steward, 3 hour block for each of our 3 companionships to teach our investigator Benjamin (who only speaks spanish) and 4 hours to plan, personal study, companion study and study spanish. The first day we got here, our other teacher Hermano See, only spoke to us in spanish... and he usually does unless we are really confused and then he talks in english, but only for a second. I can almost completely pray in spanish, I gave the opening prayer at our district devotional in 98% spanish and 2% english. I love spanish!! I usually pray for 'el don de languas', as do most the missionaries in my district. 

My companion is Elder Macinnes and I love him to death. He is a little quiet but is strong in the Gospel. He is from Saskatchewan, Canada. He is 21 and was in the Canadian Army Reserve before his mission. Which, reminds me, I would like it if I could get some money or if you can send some of my own stuff down here for me to give to mi companero. I feel like his financial situation was tight before he came here and there are some things he doesn't have. He needs a light p day jacket because the mornings are very frio, and this morning he had to use his thin rain jacket. I also want to give him some shirts and pants because all of his p day ones he said, are from a second hand store... which isn't bad but they are a little old and ratty. I love him so much and I just want to help him as best as I can to be as comfortable as me.

My district is made up of tres companionships: Me and Elder Macinnes, Elders Aguirre and Jardon, and Elders Adams and Gage. Elders Aguirre and Jardon have an unfair advantage because they came from Mexican families and can 80% of the time understand what anyone is saying in Spanish. However, I use them to my advantage and ask them how to correctly say things. Elder Aguirre is the District leader and Jardon is his senior companion... There have been a few discussions on who has more authority haha. District leader wins everytime. I also forgot to mention that Elder Macinnes is my senior companion for 3 weeks and then I am his.

I love my district, companion, and zone. I would send pictures but since we are on the main campus today for general conference and the computers don't have SD card ports, I will have to send them next week :(. I love you guys and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Berry

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